Decluttering your home and life isn’t easy. Often we get stuck as we just don’t know what to do with items – sound familiar??  Find out how you can eliminate clutter by asking yourself these 10 simple questions.


1: Do I love this item? If it brings a smile to your face, joy into your heart and you absolutely LOVE it, then you can keep it. Otherwise it is time for it to go.

2: Do I use this item? Sometimes or never? A sometimes item might be a trifle bowl at Christmas time, so it does have a use. If you NEVER use it, it’s time to move it on.

3: Does it add value to my life? Be honest with yourself! Everything you own should serve a purpose or bring you joy. What added value to your life in the past might not add value now. As we change as people and our situations change, our items constantly need reviewing in order to reflect who we really are.

4: Do I have multiples of the same thing? This often occurs with pantry items, cleaning items and the like. You need to know what you have in your home in order to stop this recurring.

5: Am I keeping this out of obligation? Once someone gives you a gift it is yours to do whatever you like with it. You do NOT have to keep the ugly scarf your aunty gave to you! Pass it on to charity, you never liked it and never will.

6: Am I keeping this item just in case I might need it one day? Try and live in the present, not the future – there is no point holding onto items that you can buy again if you need to. (I’ve never had a client regret anything they have ever let go of, including just in case items.)

7: Am I giving this item value? Reframe a picture and get it on the wall, put loose photos into an album, style an item onto a shelf where you can see it.

8: Am I holding onto this for sentimental reasons? Start a memorabilia box for those really SPECIAL items – only keep the treasures and don’t keep multiples.

9: Can I repurpose this item? Turn a mason jar into a cute laundry powder vessel, make a pair of unworn jeans into shorts that you will wear, turn unused crates into shelves for books/storage.

10: Does this item fit in with my vision for the life I want to lead? Ponder this……. What kind of life do you want? Happy, stress free, calm, organised?

I hope these questions help you to declutter – let me know how you get on!!