“What’s for dinner?!!” Everyone is hungry and you have no idea what you’re going to make, again…sound familiar? This is common in many households, creating stress and even overwhelm. It doesn’t have to be this way – by adopting these 5 simple hacks, you will save not only time and money, but you will feel in control. 

1: Whiteboard

Invest in a whiteboard and marker and put it on the inside door of your pantry. Every time you run out or are low on an item, write it on the board. Take a photo of it before you go to the supermarket or write it down on your list before you shop.

2: Menu plan

This will save you time, money and reduces waste! Schedule in when you will menu plan each week and stick to it. Choose from family favourites and add in something new to try each week. Write up your menu where everyone in the family can see it.

3: Declutter

Check your fridge and pantry before you go to the supermarket. Move on any out of date items and old food. When you bring your groceries home, your fridge and pantry will be ready to house your new groceries.

4: Supermarket or online shopping

Try to shop at the same supermarket each week. It is so much easier to shop when you know the layout of the store and where things are. This will save you so much time. Alternatively, shop online. You can create a ‘favourites’ list, which also speeds up the process.

5: Stick to your budget

And stick to your list! If it’s not on your list don’t buy it. You already know what you need so don’t get sucked in by specials and spend money unnecessarily. 

When you are organised around your meals, you only buy what you need for the week, which reduces food waste (and no more overflowing pantry cupboards!) You eat more healthily as you have put time and thought into what you and your family like to eat and everyone knows what’s for dinner, whew! The benefits are endless…