Most of us do not have time to spend hours organising our stuff – we all lead such busy lives these days and trying to juggle everything can be very over whelming at times! Work, kids, family, friends, your time, family time, errands, running your home – add to that being unorganised, makes things even more overwhelming and frustrating.

So that’s why I feel compelled to give you a few idea’s to help you feel a little more organised. These “6 things to do” are quick, easy and will make a difference immediately. By tackling just a few small tasks, it will make you feel better and you will be able to accomplish the things you need to do more efficiently. I’ve found that attacking small tasks, instantly makes me feel more organised and more productive.

1: Organise your handbag Handbag

Unless you change your handbag regularly, ‘stuff’ builds up in that deep dark space and finding items can be infuriating! Tip out everything onto a table, relocate and throw items that do not need to be in there and don’t forget to check the zippers and pockets of your bag too. You’ll be amazed at what you might find. Sorting out your wallet with your cards and receipts is a good one also. Only keep in your handbag things that you know you use and need.


2: Organise your junk drawer junk

We all have at least one junk drawer  – maybe more…. Yes I have one too! Take all the ‘junk’ out, sort out like with like grouping items together and relocate as many items as possible (chuck and recycle what you can too.) Drawer dividers work really well in a junk drawer – Storage Box do a great adjustable drawer divider made from bamboo.

3: Organise your photographs on your phone

It’s a great feeling to delete unwanted photos on your phone, download them onto your computer then delete them on your phone. I did this recently – it was very overdue and I did it over a period of a few nights. I categorised them all into albums and I felt so much lighter afterwards.

4: Organise your spices Spices

Pull out your spices one by one and check the expiry date. Do you really need 3 jars of curry powder? Keep the most recent and get rid of the old, recycling where possible. I found a great little website recently Miss Mouse that has a good variety of glass jars, which look great in your pantry and keeps your spices spillage free.


5: Organise your magazines

Magazines 2

How long has it been since you sorted out your magazines? Are they piling up, sitting somewhere unread and forgotten? Keep the ones you love and will refer to and take photos of recipes, print them out and put them in a clear file folder.Take your unwanted magazines to the charity shop for someone else to enjoy.

6: Organise your Tupperware

The dreaded Tupperware cupboard. It drives everyone crazy and it is often the first area of client’s homes that we attack! Pull them all out and find “Pairs.” Recycle the containers and lids that no longer serve a purpose, then assess just how many containers you really use and need. Be honest with yourself. I recommend using crates (or large storage boxes of some sort) to separate your lids from the containers to stop the toppling effect. Citta Design have a great range of wooden crates – measure up before you shop.




If you have any more tips or ideas of small things that you have organised and have worked for you, feel free to comment below!