With the change of seasons fast approaching it’s a great time of year to clean out and reorganise some key areas of your home. Here are my 5 top areas to rethink and reorganise this season.

 1: Wardrobe

wardrobeIt’s time to review your summer wardrobe and set up your autumn/winter one. Which items did you not wear this summer? Are you likely to wear them next summer? The answer is probably “No” if you are being totally honest with yourself! Keep just those items which fit you, you love and wore last season and either give to a friend, sell or charity the rest. By having a look at your autumn/winter clothing you will be able to see what is missing and what you will need to buy for the season ahead. You can store your summer wardrobe in plastic boxes under the bed STORAGE BOX have just these, or if you don’t have under the bed storage you can store your clothes in a different room or on higher shelves, you get the idea.


2: Bedding

under bed

Now’s the time to dig out those warmer duvets, blankets, electric blankets, warmer sheets and duvet covers, as the nights are getting colder. How are they looking? Do you need to replace any items? If so, you can always donate your old blankets and items to the SPCA they will gladly take them for those animals in need.  Also review your summer bedding and evaluate whether it’s had it’s day – otherwise store it in the top of your linen cupboard, in plastic boxes under the bed or in the spare room if you have one. Try CITTA DESIGN, COLLECTED or FARMERS for a good range of options.


3: Warmth

It’s time to think about your heating now and be prepared in advance. If you need to buy wood, take a look on TRADE ME there are some good deals to be found – just make sure it is dry. I’ve been caught out with buying wet wood and it made that winter a nightmare! Ask around too for a recommendation. It’s fun to spend an autumn day going for a drive and then storing the wood yourself, otherwise get it delivered. Do you need to buy any other additional heating? Are all of your heaters in good condition and working order? Try SWEETHOME for reviews on the best heaters to buy and also CONSUMER and then shop around if you need to stock up.


kids room4: Rotating kids toys

When the seasons start to change it’s a great time to review your kid’s toys – which ones are broken, no longer used, loved or played with, then decide on which ones to keep, sell or donate. I recently helped a young girl to declutter her huge soft toy collection and we decided we would only keep the ones that had a “name” and that the ones that didn’t, would be donated to a special boy or girl who would love it – it worked a treat. Most kids today have a lot of toys and it helps to rotate them so they are new and fresh on a regular basis and they don’t get bored with them. It also helps to keep a manageable number out, in relation to the amount of storage space you have. The toys that will be stored away can live in the garage in plastic boxes with lids, so that they stay contained and are out of sight (out of mind!) Otherwise a spare space or room and stored up high if possible.


5: Garage


The garage is often a very busy space during the summer months, where bikes, kayaks, toys, pool gear, chilli bins, outdoor cushions etc, are kept. It’s time to think about reviewing your stuff: are any items broken? Needing repairing? No longer used, loved or needed? Maybe you decide to have a garage sale and get everyone involved, or take your items to charity. You may even need to do a trip to the tip! Once you have decided what you will do with those items you don’t want or need, it’s time to store what you are keeping. Big clear plastic boxes with big labels work well, meaning items are easy to see and find at a glance. You might need to create some extra storage for those bigger items, TORPEDO 7 have some very affordable options.

By organising in the autumn, you will be prepared for when summer rolls around again and will know exactly what you have and what you might need to purchase. Have fun this Autumn and let me know how you get on 🙂