Now that winter is here and the long nights are upon us,there couldn’t be a better time to be more organised. You know all those projects that are lurking in the back of your mind but you never quite seem to get onto doing? Well, now is the time! Here are four projects that you could be getting on with by the fire and within the warmth of your home this winter.

1: Photos

7a1d65656e13a8b94c3d26f57b168a51Where are all those photos that you took over the summer months? On your phone? Laptop? Camera? It may be that you haven’t sorted out your photos for a few years or more? Don’t worry, most people are in the same boat. Wherever your photos are, make a start and set aside some time each night so that you can begin to chip away. Start from the most recent and work your way back or visa versa. Even if it takes the entire winter, imagine that feeling of being so organised! Physical photos can firstly be sorted into a box and then transferred into an album or scrapbook. Photos on your phone can be sorted into albums, and then uploaded onto your computer. Or you might choose to store your photos on Flickr, Photobucket or Dropbox for safe keeping.

I love this idea below, from The Container Store where photos are stored into individual plastic clip boxes which can then be labelled accordingly and kept safely until you album or scrapbook.


2: Recipes

Now is the perfect time to have a declutter of your recipe books and pass on the ones you no longer use. If there are any particular recipes you like from these books, simply scan the recipes you like and put them into a clear file folder along with any other loose recipes that you have grabbed out of magazines or printed from the internet. Kikki K have some lovely stationary for recipes and clear file folders can be found at Warehouse Stationary, Whitcoulls or any good stationary shop.


3: Paper management

Paper Flow Front star.This is the one area I find most people struggle with the most. No one wants to do it, yet it when it comes time to find an important bill or document, it can’t be found. There are lots of different ways to set up a paper management system, I recommend ‘Paperflow’ by MaryAnn Bennie – written by a professional organiser, and absolutely bullet proof. Get reading and then get organised.




4: Sell stuff!

The long winter nights lend a hand to gathering all of those items you no longer wear, use or need and either taking them to charity or selling them on Trade me. Trade me is so easy to use – take a few good photos, write a description, set your price and you are away. It’s fun, easy, takes a small amount of effort, and is rewarding. It also means you have less stuff and can make some extra money while you are at it.


Have a great winter getting organised! 🙂