You can have SO much fun with clipboards – I have been using them pretty much all my life for various reasons and never tire of their uses. They can be hung in a variety of places and be used for different purposes. I really like the way that you can change what you clip onto them, in any room at any time really quickly, which changes the look of the room almost instantly. They are a great way to get organised too.

Clipboards can be purchased from a variety of stationary shops – I recently bought some wooden ones from Warehouse Stationary and they are also available at Whitcoulls. I like the wooden ones as they are sturdy and can be recovered with fabric, wallpaper or decals, to make them a bit more fun.

Here are some ideas I have for clipboards:

  • Office space – great for reminders, bills, receipts, photos of loved ones, things to do, lists, calendars.
  • Kitchen – shopping lists, to do lists, reminders, recipes, children’s art.
  • Living area – a family photo wall works really well, poster art, prints.
  • Craft room – a great place to clip fabrics, ideas, inspirational photos and pics, patterns.

Children’s space – they will enjoy using them for a variety of games (it often makes them feel very grown-up!) as well as displaying their art, ideas, creations, to do stuff, weekly star charts and calendar reminders for the week/month.

Go and have some fun with clipboards and let me know how you get on 🙂