I frequently get asked about first aid kits and the best way to store items. The busy families I work with often have a lot of first aid stuff, which has built up over time. Time and time again I have found the best and bulletproof way to store items, is to separate them into clear plastic containers with a lid. Sistema is a NZ brand that I enjoy using and are available at Storage Box,The Warehouse and even your local supermarket. Before buying the containers, firstly check the expiry dates of your medicines and access whether or not the items are still current, needed and in working order. As you do so, start sorting the items you are keeping into like with like. Try these categories:

  • Plasters, Dressings, Bandages and Scissors
  • Cold and Flu, Antihistamines
  • Sunblocks and Burn Creams
  • Panadol, Nurofen (and other pain related medicines)
  • Teeth, Hands and Feet
  • Tums and Bums – he he, check out the photo below!

Ange first aid

These categories are ones I used recently which worked really well – come up with your own; your items will determine these. Once you know how many categories you have, you will know how many containers to buy and what size they need to be.

Label label label!! Very important so that everyone who is old enough will know what’s what.

You may decide to keep your first aid kit in the laundry, bathroom or kitchen. Either way, it helps to have a smaller kit with everyday items handy too. You can delegate a kitchen drawer for items like plasters and sunblock for the kids to grab as well.


Go through your first aid kit each season (more often if you have a very busy household) and repeat the process of checking the expiry dates, that everything is in good working order and in the right place.

Let me know how you get on and what worked for you!