Clutter has a way of taking over our lives. When a home is filled with clutter it takes on a life of it’s own, robbing us of both our physical and mental space. It sits there waiting for us until we decide to do something about it!

Rather than trying to do it all in one go (way too overwhelming and most of us do not have the time!) try taking 15 minutes each day to begin with, to declutter an area.

When to declutter?

Choose the best time for you. Maybe it is once the kids have gone to bed or if you are like me, first thing in the morning before everyone else is up.



Use a timer

Set the timer for 15 minutes and if you decide you want to continue for longer, set the timer for another 15 minutes. You might decide that you want to set the timer for 30 minutes – it’s up to you. Start with a drawer, a shelf or a magazine rack – a little decluttering every day means that your house could be decluttered in a few months.



Decluttering equipment


You will need rubbish bags, a duster, vacuum, sticky labels and a marker pen – label boxes “Donate” “Keep” “Give to a friend” or anything else that works for you.  These can be reused each time you declutter another area.


Off you go!

Once you have decided on an area, pull everything out of the area to begin with, then clean the area, then start making decisions. Decide what you will keep, give away, donate, throw away etc, using your boxes and rubbish bags.



5fb03f7babe5efb58577a5b1f45accd2How to decide?

Be honest with yourself!

Do you love it?

Have you used it in the past year?

Do you really need it?

Can someone else fit it? Use it?

Do you have another one that is better? Do you really need two?

Be as realistic as possible and cleanse the space of everything that does not make you smile 🙂


What next?

When the timer goes off, it’s time to deal to the boxes and rubbish, so…….

Put the rubbish out.

Once the boxes are full – it make take a few days……..

Put the donation box in your car (if you don’t it will sit there waiting) and drop it off to the charity of your choice when you are out and about.

When the “Keep” box gets full, put away the items in their correct place.

The “Give to a friend” box can either stay at home for when they come around next or you can also pop this one in the car if you are more likely to drop it off to them. Don’t forget!!



I hope these tips help you to declutter any of your areas that need attention. Make a start today!