How did Autumn get here so quickly?!

When the seasons change, it’s a great opportunity to review your wardrobe. And after my recent workshop on “How To Work Your Wardrobe”  as part of National Organising Week, I discussed the many ways in which you can save time and money with your wardrobe. Here are my 12 top picks on how you can do just that!

Upcycle your clothes. Cut the sleeves off a shirt, make those favourite jeans into summer shorts, or take up that dress that you never wear anymore. You’d be surprised how that item you stopped wearing now becomes your favourite!

Have items in your wardrobe that you can mix and match. Have your basics in your wardrobe and buy a few “On trend” items each season, that will go with those basics. If you buy lots of on trend items, you will be spending money on items that you potentially will not wear the following season.

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Timeless clothing. Always important in any wardrobe! That little black dress that never goes out of season and those high waisted pants that are always in fashion. Great staples to have.

Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Buy it because you LOVE it and if in doubt, it’s probably a no.

Don’t shop on a whim. I know I have been caught out on this one! I get the item home and I’m lucky if I ever wear it, because it was a random item that I bought, didn’t need and didn’t love.

Declutter on a regular basis. I promise you, the more times you revisit your belongings the easier it becomes. The change of seasons is a great time to do this.

Know where everything is. “A Place For Everything And Everything In It’s Place.” Saves you time trying to find items and when you go shopping (for items that you need and love) you will know exactly what you have in your wardrobe.

Machine WashOnly buy practical items: If you are like me and you don’t like hand washing or ironing, stay away from those items of clothing that require this. Look for dryclean tags as well – can be a hassle especially if it is an item that you will wear often

Only buy what you can pay for! Credit cards are great when booking airflights and such, but remember that they have very high interest rates so you are always paying more for an item than you think you are. I cut up mine years ago when I got into a pickle with it and have never looked back.

Clothes swapping. Not only a fun night with your friends but also an awesome opportunity to give away those items that you don’t love and wear anymore, to someone else who will and visa versa.

Happy womanShop around. You don’t have to buy everything from a boutique! Mix it up with clothing you love from recycle boutiques (there’s plenty of them around these days) and your favourite staple stores, such as Witchery, Storm etc.

Shop for the life you have now. We are always changing as people and our situation changes throughout our lives too. Be honest with who you are now, not who you once were. Keep only those items that you love, you wear and that fit you right now.


Have an awesome Autumn and let me know which tips worked the best for you 🙂