Christmas always comes at the same time of year but why does it always seem to sneak up on us? Work often gets crazy with deadlines and events in the evenings, the traffic is a nightmare (for all of us city dwellers) and there’s a feeling of slight “Craziness” in the air, that can lead to stress and feeling overwhelmed with it all, before it has even begun. Arming yourself with these simple strategies will help towards a stress free holiday season, so that you can have fun and enjoy yourself even more……

Make a list of things everyone in your family wants to do in the holidays and put it somewhere where everyone can see it. This way all family members feel valued and it’s a great way to stop arguments and for everyone to have an opportunity to do something that they have been really wanting to do.

Stock up on food and drinks – you never know when someone might turn up for a festive drink or snack. It will save you having to race out to pick something up and avoid the masses that are also on holiday.

Keep meals simple – this is a time when we want to catch up with our friends and family, fire up the BBQ and throw together a salad. I love a good old potluck meal, which takes the stress and hassle out of having to prepare everything on your own. You all then get to enjoy a variety of tastes and flavours, without a whole heap of work involved.

Food and drinks

Put Christmas presents away before the New Year! (unless you are on holiday and then it can be done the day after you get home.) You’d be surprised at how often Christmas gifts get dumped in the bedroom and sit there for months and in some cases never even get used. It’s a great time to evaluate your belongings and adopt the “One in one out” rule.

Tidy up at the end of every day especially if you have kids. There’s nothing like waking up to a home that feels calm and ready for the next day’s activities. Your home can end up in absolute chaos after just a few days, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. This one simple rule will make your life and days run smoother.

Dog meditating


Make time for activities that nourish you – keep up with your exercise routine if that’s something you like to do, sleep and take some down time for you, when you can. Put your feet up, read a book and chill out. It’s important to recharge those batteries during this time, before life starts to get busy again.

Try not to stretch your budget or credit card – don’t buy stuff just because it’s on sale! Either set yourself a budget, or simply be aware of not buying things that you just don’t need. Resist the temptation and only purchase items that you love and will use.

Lastly, take time out to indulge and enjoy yourself – although I’m sure for most of us this one won’t be hard to do. Before you know it, your holiday will be over and you’ll be back to your busy routines, so make the most of it and just remember to keep safe.

Have a wonderful christmas and I’ll catch up with you in the new year!



Merry Christmas