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More FM with Jay Jay and Flynny

Sharing some top tips on how to make your supermarket shop easier.

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More FM with Joel Palmer

I enjoyed chatting with Joel about sentimental items and why they are so hard to move on.

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More FM Breakfast with Andrew Leiataua

Today is the first day of Spring and I am chatting with Andrew about which areas to get stuck into as well as a few tips around sentimental items.

Natalie Jane being interviewed on The Cafe TV show by Carly Flynn

The Cafe

Healthy habits are key in maintaining a clutter free home

I’m chatting with Carly Flynn on The Café show about pantries, garages and paperwork and how healthy habits really are key.

Bunnings article on home offices


Stow away

Simple tips on how to maximise storage in your home office space.
Bunnings article making the most of your wardrobe


6 ways to make the most of your wardrobe

Feel the difference an organised wardrobe makes with these simple tips and ideas.


Study break

How to create a functioning office space that you will love.

The Cafe

Decluttering during lockdown

I was recently interviewed by Carly Flynn on The Café show, about decluttering during lockdown. Here, I’m chatting about where to start and how to break it down into manageable sized chunks.

Your home and garden

10 Healthy habits for a clutter free home

Keeping our homes organised and clutter-free is a struggle for many of us. Creating good habits is the key to having an organised home.

Radio Live

10 questions to ask yourself when de-cluttering

Questions you should ask yourself while you are trying to declutter your belongings.

Your home and garden

Ten things organised people do everyday

Starting the morning with order can set the tone for the rest of the day.

The 5 top wardrobe organisation tips for winter

As the temperature starts to drop it’s time to swap out sundresses for winter coats.

Radio Live

Five tips for a more organised home

Saturday Fresh with Carly Flynn — five tips on how to live with less and the benefits that will bring to your life.

Radio Live

The challenge of having a messy partner or teenager

Get some great tips on how to deal with messy family members — partners or children!

Your home and garden

Clever tips for keeping entrance ways and living rooms tidy

These clutter-clearing tips will keep these areas guest-ready at all times.

Radio Live

Organise a successful garage sale

Autumn is a fantastic time to have a garage sale — Natalie talks with Carly on Saturday Fresh on how to organise a successful one!

Five secrets to a smoothly running home

Once you have decluttered and reorganised your belongings and put new systems in place, things can easily fall apart again if you don’t keep on top of them.

Feel the fear and ditch the clutter anyway

So overwhelmed by the amount of junk you have in a cupboard that you can’t think where to start?

Three steps to sorting your wardrobe

Our wardrobes are often bursting at the seams with clothing that we no longer wear and when we do want an item, we struggle to find it.

6 steps to sort your linen cupboard

Linen cupboards are not always high on the priority list of areas to organise in the home – often items get shoved into them and are overlooked, over-stuffed and cluttered.

How to tame the mountains of laundry

Getting your laundry systems working well will make your life easier, save you time and free up precious weekend time.

Your Home and Garden

An expert’s guide to keeping your home clean and clutter-free

From everyday habits to long term solutions, expert advice to help you cut the clutter and achieve a more organised, happy home.

Stuff article Spring cleaning

Six tips for spring cleaning

Drowning in stuff? Professional organiser Natalie Jane offers a 10-step plan to declutter your home.

Stuff article cover

Four expert tips to get organised

Scrambling to get out the door every morning? Missing bill payments because of lost paperwork? Can’t find your passport or your child’s goggles?

Stuff article about wardrobe tips

Five top tips for wardrobe organisation

A well organised closet is immensely satisfying, but difficult to maintain. The answer is to establish good systems and commit to a few regular sessions of tidying and sorting.

Radio Live

Sorting out your linen cupboard

Talking with Carly Flynn about how to best tackle the dreaded lined cupboard.

NZ House & Garden

Cupboard Love

There’s something fabulously pleasing about a perfectly organised wardrobe. Here’s how to get yours in order.

Stuff article for childrens rooms

12 kids’ room storage tips that really work

Spring’s a great time to have a serious sort-out. Declutter your kid’s room and set up storage systems to keep the mess at bay.

Cover of Your Home & and Garden magazine

Your Home and Garden

Organise your home in a month

Clear the clutter at your place with these simple and practical daily tasks.

Article in the New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald

Declutter your life before summer begins

We all know we need to do it, but it can be the hardest thing to do. But where do you start?

Good Magazine

21 ways to spring-clean your life

Having an orderly home is more than just making decisions about the things you do and don’t need.

Overstuffed, disorganised pantry?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have an organised pantry with three simple steps.

Inside Style article

Inside Style

How to get top dollar when selling your home

Create interior atmosphere so your home appears spacious, bright and welcoming.

Stuff article

Too much stuff? How to declutter

Drowning in stuff? Professional organiser Natalie Jane offers a 10-step plan to declutter your home.

NZ House & Garden

Tidy Guru

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