Creative kids – I know, every piece is a masterpiece, and although we truly treasure the masterpieces our budding artists create, let’s face it…without a way to organise and store our children’s artwork, it adds to the clutter in our homes. A refrigerator can only hold so much art! Here are some tips on keeping on top of your child’s art.

Firstly, go through your kid’s art when they bring it home, and sort through it with them so that they can decide which ones to keep and which ones are their favourites. Ask them to describe their work and write the description on the back of it, with the date. EVERY time they bring it home you say? Believe me, it will make life a lot easier in the long run if you do. Their art can then be displayed or stored.

Clipboards – one of my fav’s for displaying art, photo’s and any other bits of memorabilia. They come in a variety of colours and materials – I recently purchased some wooden backed ones from Warehouse Stationery.  They have a hole on the back of the clip which is perfect for hanging onto the wall with a small nail. (Check out my blog on clipboards here….)

String – attach long coloured string on the wall with small nails and attach coloured clothes pegs to it. The pegs can display their art which can change regularly.  Alternatively, use pretty ribbon or strong sewing elastic.

The chosen artwork that is not being displayed can be stored in a large art folder or paper management file. In order is best, so that you can see the progression of your child’s art over a year.

Then once a year, around the time of their birthday, you can either glue their favourites into a yearly scrapbook or bound book with their name etc on the front or spine, or roll them up and put them into a cardboard mailing tube and label. Their artwork is then easy to store and work is protected.

Finally…..framing a piece a year is another idea or making a poster out of photos taken of selected items each year. This can be a fun project with your child’s help and input – a project for you to do together.

Happy creating and have fun!