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Make Space At Your Place

When Suzanne Oh approached me about the new business “BOXi” she and Matt Cruickshank had recently launched, I was excited to hear how this valet storage company does things a little bit differently to other storage companies. If you are needing to make space at your place, then look no further! These guys really know their stuff and their service is simple, convenient and affordable……

What inspired the BOXi concept?

With two young children, a home office and a lot of “things” accumulating over the years we needed space. While we have a house with good storage, even after a couple of good clean-outs, we still didn’t have room for everything without it looking cluttered. The idea of having to go out and find a small storage unit didn’t appeal as I wanted the process to be easy and less time-consuming. That got us thinking. There was a gap in the market for a business that offered a pick-up and delivery service, where I could store a few boxes of my household and business bits and pieces until I needed them. For example, I love Christmas and have a few big boxes plus our tree and for 48 weeks of the year I don’t need to store them in my house so I can pop them in storage until I am ready to hang the lights and get the tinsel out in December.

How does it work?

Boxi is a valet, on-demand storage business. We drop-off sturdy plastic boxes to people, they fill them up and we pick them up and take them back to a secure storage facility. People don’t have to leave their home as everything can be done on-line and we drop the boxes directly to their door. As a bonus if you live in our service area we drop-off the empty boxes for free and then pick them up for free. Similar businesses have been popping up in cities around the world, reinforcing the need for the concept in a time-poor, convenience is king society.

What are the storage options that you offer?

There are a range of items that can be stored. We provide durable, lockable, plastic boxies which are 55L x 37W x 29.5H so you can store a wide variety of items in them. We can provide slightly smaller document boxes which are ideal for paper records and files or wardrobe boxes with an internal rail so you can hang clothes rather than fold them in a box. We realise not everything fits in a box so customers are also able to store bulky items with us as long as they are under 25kg, less than 1.5m long and can be carried by one person. At this point in time we aren’t storing bikes or furniture but will consider doing this if there is demand for it.

What are the benefits of using BOXi?

If you are looking for a hassle-free, convenient way to store your things then you need to get in touch with Boxi.

You don’t have to leave home and we offer a range of drop-off and pick-up times 6 days a week both during and outside working hours.

We offer free insurance on each item up to $100 and once your items are in storage there are no minimum contracts and no cancellation fees.

We have the facility for you to list an inventory online and take a photo to help you remember what is stored in each box – all of which are safely stored in our secure warehouse facility.

As a bonus, once you are storing with us you will get a referral code and anyone who uses your code when they sign up and start storing will result in you getting $20 credited to your account.

How is Boxi different to other storage companies?

We come to you! Most commonly in Auckland you need to source the best (cost effective, right size, close to home) storage unit and then travel to and from to get your belongings into storage. We save you time by coming directly to your door.

What areas do you cover?

Our Auckland service area is eligible for free drop-off of empty boxes and free pick-up of filled boxes and items. Any suburbs outside of the service area will incur a fee to cover the cost of travel.

Check out the map on our website here:

What advice would you give to customers prior to using BOXi?

When customers ask for empty boxes to be dropped off we always encourage them to order extra as it doesn’t cost them any extra but saves the frustration of not having enough boxes to store their belongings. We have partnered with Dress for Success so customers have the option of receiving a Dress for Success bag delivered as part of their drop-off of empty boxes. If they are going through their wardrobe and there are some clothes they don’t think they want anymore but may benefit the DFS clients they can put it in the bag and we will ensure it gets to the team at DFS.

Can you describe a typical BOXi day or does every day vary?

Every day is different. A lot of the work centres on customer orders whether it is cleaning the blues boxies to head out to the next customer or co-ordinating deliveries and returns. As it is a new storage model for NZ we spend a lot of time answering queries and building knowledge about what it is we do and awareness about whom we are.

What is your top tip for being organised? 

“Do it now”. It’s so simple, action an item the first time you come across it. I got this tip from the Personal Efficient Program book and it’s great because it reduces procrastination and therefore reduces your workload as you only do the work once. As William James said, “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging-on of an uncompleted task.”

Pop over and like BOXi’s Facebook page here and check out their website www.boxi.co.nz



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