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Meet Natalie

I have always had a passion for organising. Even as a child I would clean and organise my room on a weekly basis – my parents told me I was born organised! My background encompasses a variety of different careers – each having a relationship to organising in one way or another. From professional ballerina to musician, school teacher to restaurant and retail manager, I have worked with people from all walks of life on a very personal level. I am fun, patient, efficient and understanding, realising that everyone has a different approach in the way they like to manage their lives. Whether you want to simplify, organise or downsize, I can help you to gain control of your environment and find joy in simplicity.

I enjoy making beautiful spaces and spaces beautiful


Natalie is available to write articles for publications, speaking engagements and interviews

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This from one of my first clients, Jane…

I am Jane, her first customer, so I think I am in the best possible position to explain this delightful, warm and energetic pocket rocket.

I am a hoarder and I don’t like being confronted with my short comings, let alone being “found out”  by a professional organiser as to just how out of control my homelife is. Professionally I run a tight ship, however, what happens when I get home is beyond me, the tidy bit just drains out of me.

The concept of organising my home was up there with doing my taxes, watching paint dry and paying the bills. But what a fun, delightful, non-judgemental experience it has been.

Going through this journey for someone like me could only be done with a helping hand. If anyone had told me that it is a fun process, that you feel like you have accomplished a long-term “stick to it” fix, that there is neither shame nor scariness, I wouldn’t have believed it.

We now walk in to our home and it feels lighter, it feels brighter and after 12 years it feels like everything we wanted our home to be. So to all of those like me, busy, easily distracted, going a bit nuts, and living with this kind of scary every day of your untidy, hoarder life then call Natalie.

Natalie was my gift to myself and it has been the best self-present yet.


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