Trying to juggle life when you are a busy mum is tricky and difficult at the best of times. Sound familiar? I cannot think of a better time in your life to be more organised! Especially when it comes to getting the kids organised for school. Read ahead for my 5 top tips, to make your life easier.

1: Organise the night beforehealthy-school-lunch-sep07

I know you have probably heard this one before and the last thing you might want to do at the end of a long day is to then think about the day ahead. I promise you it will make the mornings so much easier! There are many things you can do: pre make school lunches (get the kids to choose and help!) get school uniforms, bags, homework books ready, put breakfast ingredients on the bench, check the schedule and empty the dishwasher!


2: Keep school uniforms separate

There is enough to do in the morning without having to try and find the children’s school uniforms, located somewhere in their rooms….. Keep them in a separate place, either in a designated basket on a shelf in their rooms, or a separate area altogether (see tip 3.)

002ac1d842025b4d1a1a752ee2f18ff23: Set up a kid’s station

I find a laundry, entryway (if it’s big enough) or an internal access garage works quite well for this. Along the lines of a ‘mudroom’ where the kids bags, shoes, coats, and any other school gear gets hung and stored until needed the following day. This keeps everything in one location and will make getting to school each day a breeze. Any homework and important pieces of paper can be taken out of their bags and empty lunch boxes when they get home. The kids can do that!




4: Menu plan

I am a huge fan of menu planning – it really does work! It takes the stress out of worrying about what to have for dinner each night, and by menu planning for the busy week ahead, you will have everything in your pantry and fridge that you need. No more rushing off to the supermarket at the last minute!! I recommend planning the night before you shop and making a list. Write the menu up for the week where everyone can see it – the fridge is often the best place – no more “What’s for dinner mum!” Menu planning will save you time and money.


unnamed5: Get up earlier

Even if it’s only 15 minutes! It will make a difference to your day and will make it run smoother without the stress of rushing because you are running out of time. Reward yourself with a coffee from your favourite coffee shop after the school drop off.

Being organised makes life so much easier, especially when you have children. Any questions or comments are most welcome 🙂