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Office out of control

Sarah runs her own business from home and spends many evenings in her office, putting together quotes for her clients and drawing up plans. As with any office space it is important that it functions well. However, Sarah’s business had really started to gain momentum and her office had become out of control due to lack of time. It had become a dumping ground and a space she no longer loved. Sarah expressed that she wanted to have an office space that felt light and bright but also functioned to support her needs – she wanted to put the love back in there!

What we did

  • Initial consultation
  • Decluttered items & reorganised furniture
  • Reorganised items and styled bookshelf


Firstly we gathered up the items in the office, putting like with like items together and deciding which items were to stay and which items would be relocated. The relocated items were put in the hallway for now (to be relocated later) and the items that were to stay were put aside. After a brief discussion about the layout of the office, we decided to move the shelves (see photo) to where they would be more useable. That meant moving the printer, monitor and the retro cabinet to where the shelves once were. Now that everything was in place it was time to find homes for items and style the shelves.

A lover of books, Sarah went and grabbed her favourites from her living room so that we could intergrate them onto the bookshelves. Along with a few decorative items and her special peace lily, we worked together to style the shelves. The end result was an office that had that light and bright feel that Sarah was after, as well as functioning in a way that felt right. Sarah: “My office now feels like a place I want to work and be in……..I love it!”

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