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The Issue

Janey’s hectic working life had prevented her from keeping on top of her reading room. It had turned into a space where the overflow of paperwork and other household items were now taking over, causing the room to have no function other than a place to dump excess items. Being a lover of reading, Janey was desperate to get her reading room back in order.

What we did

  • Initial consultation
  • Declutter & organise
  • Put new systems in place

We got stuck in together and I couldn’t believe how good Janey was at letting things go. “I can’t believe how good this feels!” We came across 10 year old bank statements – from a bank that no longer even exists! I recommended filing storage and systems and together we put them in place.

We were finished by lunch time and had even sorted out her ‘Junk’ drawer – “I don’t even know what that is for!?” she laughed as she picked up miscellaneous items – (and then threw them out!)

Janey now has an uncluttered, usable reading room that serves a purpose. Homes have been found for all of the items that had been living in the reading room. A system for her paper work was put in place to stop it overflowing into the reading room as it once had. “It has made a huge difference to my life now that I have a calm, ordered and peaceful place to read once again!”

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