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Garage Once Again

Garage Unusable

By the time Pam had finally plucked up the courage to call me, she was overwhelmed and desperate. She informed me that her garage was exploding to the point where she could not open the door to it any more – it had become a dumping ground for everything she no longer had no room for in her house and I could sense from our conversation over the phone that Pam had reached breaking point. It didn’t make matters any easier that a boat was now taking residency in her tiny single car garage as well!

What we did

  • Initial consultation
  • Declutter & organise
  • Put new systems in place

When I arrived at Pam’s house she was clearly distressed and I immediately put her at ease. We had discussed how we would approach this process over the phone and that I wanted to make it as straightforward and as painless as possible for her.

As we started sorting, purging, and reducing, I heard Pam chuckling to herself on several occasions. Pam had come across a number of old photos, books and journals that had mustered up up a sense of memorabilia and nostalgia within her. “I never knew this would be so much fun!”  We had agreed on allowing the entire day for the project, so that we could go at a pace that was not daunting for Pam but at the same time meant that we would get it done.

The end result was a garage space that was organised, ordered and free of clutter. Storage boxes and cupboards were now clearly labelled so that items were easy to find. Systems were put in place that would allow Pam to maintain order in her garage, and to stop it from getting cluttered again. Pam was clearly relieved and overjoyed that her garage was now a usable space where she would be able to find the things that she needed – (and that she could now open the door!!)