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Laundry Tidy-up

Small Apartment Laundry

Rebecca lives in a tiny apartment with her terrier Tosca and very little storage. It is a daily challenge for Rebecca to keep on top of her clutter, so that her space remains in control. Easier said than done as Rebecca leads a very busy life with a full time job and an energetic dog that needs daily walking. Her clutter was starting to get the better of her, the busier her life became. Her laundry was driving her crazy more than any other part of her home. “There is just no system any more and I have no time to put one in place!” she cried down the phone, “Can you help??”

What we did

  • Initial consultation
  • Declutter & organise
  • Put new systems in place

We chose an evening to work together to organise the laundry and to put systems in place. The clutter had built up and Rebecca was faced with having to decide what to do with all of the miscellaneous items that were lurking in her laundry area. We found several duplicate items – neither of which had been opened. “I realise now that I keep doubling up on items as I don’t know what I have in the first place…….I don’t know where anything is anymore…..”

From batteries to hose attachments, pet wipes to a million cleaning products, the laundry was exploding with ‘stuff.’ We had a lot of decluttering to do, but managed to whip through it at a steady pace. Together we created a system where dirty washing now lived in a laundry basket – not in the tub. We downsized the cleaning products and re-organised the area, putting items in clear plastic containers so that products were easy to see and find. Putting durable hooks on the doors meant there was now a place for doggy bags and leads.

The end result was a workable laundry, that is functional, easy for Rebecca to maintain and keep ordered.

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