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Spare Room Unusable

Moving is always a stressful event in life and often when you get to your new home, the last thing you feel like doing is unpacking all of the boxes and working out where everything goes. When Tina called me, she was exactly in this position and just couldn’t face those boxes on her own! Tina wanted a playroom for her two small children, so had a vision for the spare room before I arrived.

What we did

  • Initial consultation
  • Opened boxes and found homes for items
  • Turned the spare room into a kid’s playroom


We started opening the boxes together and did not move onto another box until the previous one was empty. Tina had lots of decisions to make about her items, so we used banana boxes and labelled them ‘Charity’  ‘Throw’ and ‘Relocate’ placing items into these boxes accordingly. There were many items that needed relocating, as the only items we were keeping, were the ones that related to the kids new playroom.

As we came across the kid’s toys, games, stationary and books, we grouped them together to decide upon them, once we had finished going through the boxes. Once this happened, we then removed our three Charity, Throw and Relocate boxes into the hallway so that we could visualise what would go where, in the new space.

It just so happened at that point, that the table and chairs that had been ordered by Tina from “Mocka” arrived! “Perfect timing!” exclaimed Tina. So we quickly unwrapped them and put them together. We played around with the couch, cubes, table and chairs until it worked in a way that we thought would be practical for Tina’s children, whom had no idea that we were creating a lovely play space for them. I called Tina later that day to hear how they reacted when they got home. “They LOVE it! They are so excited and are playing with things that they haven’t been interested in in a long time!”

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