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Summertime tips!

So summer is in full swing now – HOORAY! –  and although most of you will be back to work and the kids back to school, there is still fun to be had in the sun. So…..here are my top tips for keeping organised this year.

1: ORGANISE A SUMMER FUN BAG: Fill it with items you think you might need for a fun day out – such as sunscreen. your togs, a rug/towel, jandals, a hat, sunglasses – you get the idea. Just make sure that you empty it when you get home and restock it for next time.


2: MENU PLAN: I started menu planning for dinners this summer and it has made life a whole lot easier! Sit down with your recipes the night before you go shopping, consult the family and make a list. The menu then goes on the chalkboard for the week and there’s no “Mum what are we having for dinner tonight?” I shop one day a week and that’s it. It saves me time and money!


3: HAVE A GARAGE SALE: Summer is the perfect time to have a garage sale! With the warmer weather and longer days, it’s a great time to have a good old sort out of unwanted and unused items. Get the family involved and have fun with it.

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4: GET STUFF DONE: Getting as much stuff done during your working week as you possibly can, means that you can relax on your days off and spend time with friends and family. This includes your ‘To do’ lists, appointments, study, paperwork – you get what I mean. Be organised with your time and it will pay off, I promise! This has always worked for me.


Lastly, Have fun!! 🙂

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