“Where can I take my items that I no longer want?!” I am often asked as I go through the process of helping people to declutter their belongings. I offer my clients the service of taking away their charity items – I like to donate them to the SPCA as that is a charity that I want to support. Even so, charity stores are getting more picky these days on what items they either want or are allowed to receive. Keep reading to find out where you can take a variety of items, including E waste, spectacles and even your bras!


Spca: They have op shops dotted all throughout New Zealand and will take your preloved items of which the donations will go to the abandoned and abused animals at the SPCA villages throughout the country. They also love to receive towels and blankets, old newspapers, food bowls, animal toys and more, which can be dropped off at one of their stores and then taken to the SPCA village. Dogs

Salvation Army: These guys are committed to helping families and individuals in need each year, in the community. They accept clothing, furniture, household goods, toys and books – they also offer a service where they will pick up larger unwanted items from your home, but they need to be in good nick! I have had clients tell me that their items have not been accepted due to their quality, so be mindful of this before picking up the phone. Check them out HERE.

Family in needMonte Cecilia Housing Trust: Are based in Auckland and offer a range of housing services that supports low income families to find affordable and appropriate housing. You have to drop off your preloved items to one of their two locations, but they will also pick up larger items from your home – I have found that what the Salvation Army won’t pick up, MONTE CECILIA will. Either way, your items support a great cause!




For those preloved clothing items that you paid good money for and would like to get something back for them, there are a number of recycle and designer boutiques that will sell your clothes on your behalf and offer you a percentage of the selling price. If you are in Auckland, check these guys out TATTY’S (I have found a few great finds here!)


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Is an international not-for-profit organisation that helps women to achieve economic independence. No only do they provide support and the right tools needed to achieve this, they also rely on women like us to donate any smart work clothing that we no longer love or want. We asked our participants that came to our recent “Work Your Wardrobe” workshop as part of National Organising Week to donate such an item, that we then donated to DRESS FOR SUCCESS here in Auckland.


THE UPLIFT BRAS project collects new and second hand bras and donate them to women in disadvantaged communities, where a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. They send bras to Fiji, PNG, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley regions in Australia. They have a few drop off locations throughout New Zealand.


There are a couple of Lions Clubs in NZ that accept your unwanted spectacles. They have the necessary equipment required to test and clean them to then distribute them to those with poor eyesight in the Pacific Islands. Check them out HERE.



Electronic Waste is now New Zealand’s fastest growing waste stream and charity stores generally don’t accept these items. So where do you take them? EWASTE are based in Auckland and have scheduled days where you can take your electronic items to schools and churches to then be picked up and disposed of correctly. Some items will cost you to use this service, but other items are free depending on what they are. E-CYCLE offers a collection service for recycling e-waste and receive products into Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. They also charge a fee, which is stated on their website.

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Are an online email based community, where people who have unwanted items can easily find other people who want them, for free! Everything posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages. There are currently 41 freecycle groups throughout New Zealand. Check them out HERE.



Yet another item that charity shops don’t usually accept. The SEATSMART programme has pick up points in Auckland, Hamilton, Hastings and Nelson. The seats are dismantled by the Department of Corrections as part of their community work programmes and the various components recycled or repurposed.  Currently 92% of the seats are recycled and there is a $5 fee for dropping them off.


If you have a whole heap of ‘Mixed’ items that you longer want, there are two junk removal companies here in Auckland that will take away your ‘Junk’ and dispose of it correctly. They load it, clean up, and take it away for you and both companies offer a free onsite quote. This is a great service if you are tackling a big area such as your garage or are renovating/building. Check out O8OOJUNK2GO and JUNKRUN. 


Your local council has some very useful information on where to donate unwanted goods along with rubbish, recycling etc. Have a read of the Auckland Council’s website HERE which I found useful.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback, especially if you know of any other places where your preloved items can be reused or recycled!