The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in our household and one of the key problems is trying to cram too much into them.

The challenge of keeping your bathroom clutter-free will rise with the number of people sharing it. I can create storage solutions that allow your bathroom to function easily and that makes sense to each family member. You deserve a bathroom that shines and makes you do the same, and one that meets the needs of all of the family. Together we will create a bathroom that is clean, organised and functional!


Storage containers are key in a bathroom to keep items grouped together and easy to find. Either plastic containers or rattan baskets make for great storage in any bathroom.

Clutter free

If you minus the clutter in your bathroom, you will be able to keep it clean and easy to manage. I will de-clutter your bathroom, allowing it to feel spacious, fresh and clean.


Bathrooms don’t take long to re-organise and generally require minimal time and effort to make over. Together we will create a bathroom that is organised and easy to maintain.

I will never be without the help of a professional organiser again! The stress that I shed through the process of organising my bathroom was worth every penny.

Pamela Artist

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