Garages are often the space where all of those items that have no home get dumped.

They tend to be full of pure clutter – stuff that is broken, tired and obsolete. Hence the garage becomes a cluttered and unusable space. Your garage is a very expensive storage area if all it is storing is junk. The primary goal of a garage is car storage. However this space has many other functions, but often fails as a functional storage area in most households. Together we will make decisions on what to keep, sell, stow and throw and create a garage where your car can claim back it’s rightful position!


Since the garage is a space usually used for storage, I will find either find storage solutions that suit you and your family’s lifestyle or can work with the storage you may already have.


Every garage needs to function so that items are easy to find and use. If your garage is no longer working in the way you would like, I will find solutions to make your garage a functional and effective space.


Is your garage currently an unusable space? Coupled with the correct storage and space layout, I can make your garage a usable space once again.

Thank you Natalie for all your help. I have learned SO much during my clutter purging and I now feel equipped to conquer my clutter demons! My garage is now a usable space once again.

Peter Sales assistant

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