Selling your home can be a very stressful process and is one of the most critical times when you have to confront your clutter.

Are you preparing your home for sale? If you are worried that your home is a little cluttered and disorganised and could be reflected in a better light to attract potential buyers, I can help. Drawing on my de-cluttering and organisational skills, my aim is to open up the space, and make your home look clean, clutter free and inviting. The end result will be a home that feels spacious, smart, ordered and beautiful and will make an enormous difference to the speed of your sale!


De-cluttering your home is one of the first steps you need to take towards preparing it for sale. It is also a good opportunity to re-evaluate your belongings.

Space planning

Your home may need some layout planning in order to reflect it in it’s best light. We can work with the furniture you already have or discuss rental options for more suitable furniture and accessories.


I am able to style your home in a way that reflects you, your space and potential buyers.

Before we put our house on the market, I asked Natalie to style it and the transformation was amazing! Her services significantly contributed to the presentation and sale of the house. Now I just need her services to help us to move to our new home!

Anita Sales and marketing manager

If it’s really important you’ll find a way!