Many things live in the laundry for the whole of their lives, often abandoned and forgotten.

It’s amazing what you find in laundries. They seem to be the place where everything that doesn’t have a home secretly lies until a home can be found for it – or not! Laundries tend to become a dumping ground for dirty clothes and are usually the last room in the house to get a face lift. Together we will create a laundry that is clean, organised and functional, and that makes sense to every household member.

Natalie did an amazing job in my tiny laundry area and put easy-to-use systems in place that I am able to keep on top of. Natalie helped me to get rid of a whole lot of clutter that I didn’t even know I had!

Rebecca Director Fantail Productions


Putting simple and effective systems in place in your laundry will mean that your laundry will remain clean and clutter free.


Allocating containers for storage is key to making your laundry items easy to find, spillage free and ordered. Together we can create storage solutions to fit in with your space.


Laundries are used for sorting, washing, drying and ironing. If your laundry is no longer functioning in the way you would like, I will help you to get it back to a usable and effective space.

Kate and her husband are in the middle of renovating their home. Her linen has been packed away into plastic boxes, while for the new linen cupboard was being built.

She asked for the cupboard to be left as just a cavity, so that she and I could work together to create a linen cupboard which would meet her requirements.

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What you do today can improve on all your tomorrows!