Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet feel like you never have anything to wear? Are you tired of running late because you can’t find items of clothing?

There are lots of decisions to make when sorting out your wardrobe – most of us have far too much clothing and only wear about a third of that on a regular basis. Just thinking about it can scare most people off from confronting this daunting task. Sound familiar?

I can help you! To re-evaluate your wardrobe, downsize, donate, sell and organise. Together we will create an an organised, functional and seasonal wardrobe, and items will be catergorised and easy to find. I am also able to give guidance with personal styling if you wish.


Together we can organise your wardrobe according to your needs – by colour, style or seasonally. We can discuss and find storage solutions that work in with your space.


Drawing on my experience in the fashion industry, if styling is what you need I am able to style, outfit and even personal shop with you.


If you are wanting to sell your clothes, I can guide you through the process, having as much or as little involvement as you would like, it’s up to you.

Rachel had recently moved into her new home and luckily, it has a good sized walk in wardrobe.

Like many of us, Rachel put her items away when she moved in, but the systems were not really in place and the wardrobe had quickly become out of control. Rachel needed help to create systems in her wardrobe, so that it would function in a way that made sense.

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Organising is a journey not a destination.