Often it’s the little things that can get out of control – it’s amazing how many takeaway menus come through the front door every week isn’t it? And where to put them? Usually in the junk drawer or more likely, into the bin as you have not created a place to put them. Being a bit of a takeaway fiend, I have looked into ways to store those takeaway menus (only the ones you love) and this is what I came up with …

Kikki.K have the  ‘My Takeaways Organiser’ for around $30 which is featuring above. It is a folder where you store the menus in the appropriate section according to food style. All you need is a hole punch and then file, easy.  Check them out here.

Another easy idea is to get clear plastic envelope folders and stick them onto the inside of your pantry door with a suitable adhesive. Pop the menus into them – they won’t get lost and are easy to see and find.

If you are feeling really creative, you can make your own folder using different coloured clear plastic dividers which you can slip the menus into – create your own categories, such as: Asian, Mexican, Italian, Vegetarian etc. Store with your other recipe books or in your pantry.

Also ‘Knock Knock’ are an online site that sell funky ‘Takeout Menus’ soft cover zipper books with ring binders, a 40 sheet notepad and 5 tabbed pocket dividers with a label sheet. They are reasonably priced and the I really like the fact that it has a zipper to keep everything in it’s place. Check it out here.

Unknown-1Have some fun with sorting out your menus and making a home for them 🙂