It’s that time of year again……the nights are getting shorter, the mornings are cooler, yes, autumn is on it’s way……! This transitional time of the year when the seasons are beginning to change is a GREAT time to review and evaluate your wardrobe. A declutter clears the deck for the season ahead, so… is your wardrobe looking?

efccfd1d0e409346cbec7eb2157d45eeFirstly, open up your wardrobe and your drawers and look at your clothing. As we are all guilty of only wearing 20% of our wardrobe at any one time, which items have you not worn even once?

Filter though your clothing and set aside the pieces that have not been worn. It might take some time, so put on some music you like to make it more fun! (That’s what I like to do…..)

If you need to, try them on and look in the mirror. See how you feel in them, maybe they don’t fit anymore or perhaps you are just over them.

Either way, if you haven’t worn them all season, you probably won’t wear them next season either. Put these items aside and decide if you will donate, sell or give to a friend.

Keep those that fit you, suit you, you love and feel great in and you wear regularly.


Time for a good vacuum and clean out! Get into those hidden corners and throw away unused shopping bags and other items that don’t belong in there. It’s amazing what you find when you really look……!


e494d97c3356ceeda149241fa7a63bd1For those clothes that you will keep, think about where you will store them for next summer.

Under the bed storage is great if you have it!

Storage box have great storage boxes with clips that stack and work well too.

You can always store clothing on higher shelves that you don’t use every day.

Maybe you have a spare wardrobe in another room that you can use?

You choose what works the best for you and get creative!



autumn wardrobe

Now you have made space in your wardrobe for the next season,you can start thinking about your autumn wardrobe!

I have always separated my clothing into seasons and stored them elsewhere – by doing this, you create more space for the clothes that you will wear for the season ahead. And by having a declutter each season, you keep on top of your clothes rather than letting them build up.

Make the most of the last remaining days of summer and make room for your autumn wardrobe!!