I will work with you in any area of your home, to create a peaceful and enjoyable environment. I will teach you how to use and maintain systems that will empower you and simplify your life.

After an initial chat over the phone, I will visit your space that needs attention for a free half hour consultation. Together we will evaluate your space, discuss what is not working for you and talk about what steps will need to be taken to help you get organised.

We then book a date and time to begin the process of de-cluttering and organising the space together. I will create a plan of action and give you a time frame in which the process will take. This can be customised to suit your needs and budget.

Natlie with her trusty label maker

As we de-clutter, sort, organise and store, I will work sensitively with you to help you with your decision making of what to stow and what to throw. Items are then re-organised in a way that makes sense to you and effective systems are put in place. I will help you to identify the core problems that are causing the clutter in your space and will advise systems for you to overcome them. We can also discuss any storage that may need to be acquired if necessary.

I offer ongoing assistance if you feel like you are not maintaining your systems, which may include a revisit and some re-adjusting.

Clear your clutter and start living the life you want!

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